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Time Management

Once you’ve got your time management under control everything else is a breeze

Conflict Management

Words, body language, tone of voice and self control make all the difference in a confronting situation


Learn how to read the body language of other and take control of a situation without saying a word

Stress Management

Highly demanding jobs automatically create stress if you don’t have the right tools to manage it

Tailor make a program just for you!

Being a consultant is a highly demanding and sometimes highly stressful job. Bounce provides premium support courses for all consultants whether they need assistance in conflict management, time management or simple want some extra tools under their belt, we can help!

We provide anything from large scale seminars with hundreds of people, right down to one on one coaching to meet the needs of individuals. Having worked in the job service industry for many years, our team is very familiar with the daily demands of consultants and know the perfect tools to make the working environment not only more productive but also more enjoyable on every level.

To discuss creating your own tailor made program, head to our contact page and let us take care of it.

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