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These days, it’s all about being mobile. Mobile phones, mobile computers …and now Bounce has gone mobile too.

Meet Zesty, the Bounce HQ’s new get around mobile. For picking up training materials and delivering paperwork, Zesty is now hard at work at our Maryborough location.

The 2013 Toyota Yaris is the newest member of the Bounce team. With no previous delivery experience, Zesty has proved to be a quick learner and continually reliable. “He really fits in around here,” says IT specialist, Lachlan Hickey. “He doesn’t talk much but he’s always there and really can put the pedal to the metal.”

Soon Zesty will be sporting a brand new look, he’s fitted to be wrapped with the Bounce logo. We will make sure to share photos once Zesty has had his makeover. We are all feeling Zesty!