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Placing Jobseekers into training or employment is our speciality!


Allowing Jobseekers to believe in themselves and really reach to be the best they can be


Goal Setting

Providing direction and clarity on where it is they want to go and the ability to get there


People Skills

Learning not only what to say but how to say it and giving them the skills to adapt to any situation


Employability Skills

Real life tools such as Resumes, Cover letters and the ability to network are all included

Programs On Offer

Scroll through our fantastic tried and tested programs for Jobseekers and we’re sure you find exactly what your looking for

Bounce LifeSkills

Bounce LifeSkills is the core of the original Bounce Program that was started by Maria Smith in 2006. The idea is simple; to pass on valuable life information and improve the lives of those who need it most. Eight years on and thousands of participants later, we know the philosophy works. Bounce LifeSkills gives the foundational skills that every Jobseekers needs before they can get out there and really start living their dream. Not only does the program give them confidence, motivation and clarity; it also helps them discover goals for their future, allows them to set a plan for those goals and gives them all the necessary skills to ensure that they know exactly where to start. By the end of the program your jobseeker will be fully prepared for what’s ahead.

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 Jump Start

Jump Start is a ten day onsite training with an additional ten days of intensive reverse marketing, which is designed to help Jobseekers gain sustainable employment results. The program is outcome driven, combining the highly successful and commended ‘life-skills’ element and the diverse‘career gearing’ topics from Bounce Consulting, to move the participants into fulfilling employment opportunities. Jump Start is designed for Jobseekers who are work ready but lack the knowledge, opportunities, confidence and/or motivation to gain secure employment.


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Certificate I in General Education

Specifically developed to meet the needs of highly disadvantaged Jobseekers, your Bounce facilitator will identify barriers hindering people from taking that next step in re-engagement into life and employment. The key components of this training are motivation, confidence, building, personal principles, time management, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, self-assessment, literacy and numeracy, career planning, goal setting, employability skills, building the future.

Currently, we at Bounce, licence our Certificate I in General education for Adults (introductory) training with The Jesuit Social Services. We handpick, train and mentor their trainers to be the best Bounce trainers in the market today.

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 Bounce Online LifeSkills Training (BOLT)

Bounce Online LifeSkills Training (BOLT) is a results-driven & experiential life skills training that engages the disengaged, unemployed or underemployed Jobseekers in an innovative online learning format.

The online format is a fast and effective way to provide immediate support to the disengaged, who often face common challenges, such as lack of motivation, lack of communication skills, poor attitude, and no overall career goals. With the flexible five day self-directed learning format, the participant is able to work through these challenges at their own pace to ensure they can walk away with a clear career path and renewed confidence.

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