Interested in starting your own business?

Project Nexus can help!

Are you between 17 & 24?

If you’re aged between 17 & 24 & have the motivation to start your own business then we want to help you

There is literally no cost!

Project Nexus is NOT government funded, the only cost to you is your time. It’s a project run by Bounce Australia free of charge to help you start your own business

Have an awesome idea but not a clue where to start?

The project will motivate you, connect you to expects in your chosen industry & give you tools to get you started and keep you going

Project Nexus is a 12 month youth entrepreneur program to help you create, design and start your own business through training, coaching and mentoring

The Details

Project Nexus will be delivered over 12 months, starting with an intensive 2 day (Weekend) Discovery Session which will help you identify your “why” and “what” in terms of your business idea.

By the end of this two day session you will have a clear vision of what your business is going to be and an idea of the way forward. Your action plan will then be implemented over the next 12 months.

You and the other chosen participants will then meet on a monthly basis during evenings or weekends. Each monthly session will be a group discussion with special guests coming in to share and support you on your journey. You’ll explore any potential barriers you could come across in creating and starting your own business and receive coaching to help you achieve clear and sustainable outcomes. You will also get one on one sessions with Maria on an as needed basis.

You will be assigned a mentor outside of Bounce; someone that is an expert in the field you are going into. Maria and the Bounce team will source the best people for this both locally and nationally, depending on what your industry is.

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No tricks, no fine print. Project Nexus is completely free

You just need to be aged between 17 to 24


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