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Of all the courses I have done, The Bounce course was by far the most enjoyable. Phil pollard was an excellent trainer, always said what people needed to hear 🙂 , given the chance I’d do the course again coz it was so great. My partner just finished the course and he thought it was excellent, I told him he would love it ^_^. I’d recommend this course to anyone and everyone 🙂 .


Bounce Program Participant

Just finished the Vocational Preparation course today (The Bounce Program). And i gotta say it was possibly the most inspiring thing I’ve done to date. I came out of there after 5 weeks feeling humbled and with a clear view on where i want to be and what I want to accomplish. Thank you for creating such an awesome motivating experience and i hope someday to be running something this good someday soon. Peace and Love.


Bounce Program Participant

Need a job? Need to better your skills? Need some more networks? Then “Bounce Into Action” (The Bounce Program)and better yourself and meet one of the most experienced person I know who has “been there, and done that” Phil pollard is an amazing person and is great for a laugh, I don’t regret doing this course because I had a great time, got a job, met new people and made new friends 🙂 BOUNCE INTO ACTION TODAY!


Bounce Program Participant

Initially I was a little complacent in attending as I had no idea what this programme was all about apart from Resume and Cover Letter focus.

When I commenced I was instantly amazed by the size of the course book and to how comprehensive this course was going to be. I was welcomed by a lovely lady named Jan. She helped with all the enrolment paperwork and spoke about the course in detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the mental challenge and analysis with some topics. The filters and blocks was very interesting and flipping your mind or belief to think the opposite. The cause and effect topic was very beneficial too.

It was a very impacting and life changing course in terms of self awareness, thoughts, values, beliefs, goals & vision.The numerous role play exercises eg: conflict management / interview techniques was confidence boosting and provided students some valuable practical skills as well as job preparation activities.

The best is left to last which is the wonderful Jan Fisher. Jan from the onset was extremely engaging and supportive and created a lively atmosphere. She expressed large amounts of passion and dedication into each session which bounced upon us too. Her life experiences were absolutely amazing and gave myself and others the backbone to soldier on in our lives. She is truly inspirational.

I will advocate this programme to wherever I can in order for all walks of life to benefit from this life building course.

John Majdecki

Bounce Program Participant

I’m incredibly glad that I did this course. It has been the best learning experience of my life, hands down.
I want anyone I can en-roll to try it out because it will honestly one of the most profound things out there.


Bounce Program Participant

I am very thankful that I could be part of this experience. From this one seminar I have become aware of personal issues and goals that I wanted to set.
It has allowed me to find a clear path and opened my mind like no other time in my life. I feel very inspired, confident and ready for my new mission! Thank you very much.


Bounce Program Participant

Phil Pollard was a fabulous trainer and doing the course helped me to clarify where I wanted to go and what I wanted to be.


Bounce Program Participant


My name is Cassandra and I work as a Case Manager / Career Coach within the Disability Employment Services (DES) in Central Victoria. I have had the privilege to meet a wide variety of people within my community who require our support to gain sustainable employment due to Physical, Emotional, Mental Health disorders and other similar barriers.

In my experience I have found that a large percentage of Job Seekers I have been coaching are limited in fundamental skills to gaining and maintain employment, due to many factors but most commonly low self-esteem and low confidence within themselves and a lack of change management thinking. This has been an added barrier to successful job placement for many of them.

I have had the privilege to see a handful of my job seekers participate in the BOUNCE INTO ACTION (Commonly referred to as The “Bounce” Program). I have been amazed by the transformation in their change, management, thinking and the confidence they have gained by participating. One of my younger job seekers (mid 20’s) Benefited so much that they overcome their fears and is now able to ride the bus for the first time. In addition they have made friends with other classmates and now returns to volunteer their time to assist other classes in the area. There Social skills have developed so well that they are going to do their high school equivalency this year, this was not an option for them 4 months ago due to anxiety and past traumas. They are on their way to gaining part time employment before study commences and they can now see a bright future for themselves, Even though it has been 2.5 months since finishing the program.

I have seen many more positive transformations in attitude and job readiness skills in my job seekers and this has increased successful job placements.

From myself and my job seekers….Thank you Bounce Consulting for this wonderful program!


Disability Employment Services (DES)

Avril Lochhead is a great trainer. She has made this course fun for us all. We have 1 week left to go, I highly recommend that anyone that has the chance to do this course to do it. You will be amazed at what you will learn, that you think you already know. Once again, thank you Avril.



Bounce Program Participant

Thank you Lisa for all your positive words in my journey to a happy healthier more determined, focussed me. You have really inspired me to make some life changing decisions. And I will be forever grateful. :-).



Bounce Program Participant

Just finished the Vocational Preparation course today. And i gotta say it was possibly the most inspiring thing I’ve done to date. I came out of there after 5 weeks feeling humbled and with a clear view on where i want to be and what i want to accomplish.Thank you for creating such an awesome motivating experience and i hope someday to be running something this good someday soon. Peace and Love.



Bounce Program Participant

Life changing! The BEST thing i have EVER done. “Welcome abundance” 🙂 Love, Love, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!


Bounce Program Participant

Bounce is one of the best things i have done.
Speaking out loud, working in groups.
Feeling more comfortable in myself.


Bounce Program Participant

This course was the best course i have ever done, the trainer was the best trainer i have ever had the pleasure in dealing with.


Bounce Program Participant

I recommend this course to all and i think it should be mandatory for all business to do it so they can deal with customers.
What a wonderful journey this has become, from start to finish it has been insightful, informative, confronting, wonderful experience that i would recommend for everyone.


Bounce Program Participant

Program was logical, well presented and practical.
Genuine approach and professional feedback in a teacher/student level.
The teacher has a wealth of information and great positivity.
Excellent Facilitator.


Bounce Program Participant

I have got more self-confidence, self-awareness and have been able to improve my personal relationship at home which has helped me become a better person, thanks to Sharon she has helped me alot.


Bounce Program Participant

I think this course is very constructive and helpful, gives great outlook and perspective on life and our strengths and weaknesses and how to further ourselves.


Bounce Program Participant

Through my two bounce programs my self worth, self confidence and general happiness is far better, before these courses i would never of had the confidence to get up and talk in front of people but in the course i have! thanks to Bounce.


Bounce Program Participant

I feel welcome in class, the level of education is very valuable, plus me i learning more i know is a gap so many years away from school.
And only not lucky about my health is my passion


Bounce Program Participant

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